Saturday, April 9, 2011


I was in the Larkin Booth for this NCECA with pots that had just just been unloaded a few days before we set up the display. Jim sent a box of soft fire brick for some elevations. I had Pots from Becky, Loren , Brenda and some of mine. It seemed to me that the crowds werent there.There were some great demos going on and having the Clay Galleries close by was a treat. Its great to be able to look and actually handle pottery that was 4 sale.

During this trip my Wife and her brother walked a beach and picked up a big bag of shells for using in the wood kiln. We also drove to Miami and visited with my Mom and went to a shell store and bought a bag of shells for wadding. I will now have lots of shells big and small for wadding in the wood kiln.

Some of you know I grow plants and my favorite are succulents like Pachypodiums and Adeniums. Well I have started takeing some of them out of the greenhouse. The Pachypodiums are flowering and in doing some pollination of a few of the Pachys.