Friday, December 31, 2010

ash glaze

I fired for my kiln opening and most of the clay I used was Orange Stone from Highwater Clay. I had about 400 lbs sitting around and was out of Wonder White also from Highwater . I ran the Orangestone through my Peter Pugger to soften it up for me to throw. It was sitting for more than a year. I new that it would make my iron glazes look good and they did. I sold every bowl and platter from the kiln. I used Angel Eyes and also used Vals Tomato Red. That is a really nice iron red.

The reason I like the Wonder White is because it makes my Ash Glaze sparkle . Here is a photo of two mugs , one is Wonder White and the other is Orangestone.

Well I now have more that 2,000 lbs of Wonder White again so I am looking forward to a New Year of making Wonder White pots again.

I also have some Phoenix for the wood kiln and have some Jack Troy wood fire clay and some McKensie Smith wood fire clay from Standard for the wood kiln. I will be firing the Plum Nelly Manabigama January 20 with the group from Mid-South

My ash Glaze is 50 ash and 50 Red Art

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