Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bonsai Pots and Planters

I am firing again so that I can open the kiln Christmas Day. I had made a group of Bonsai pots and planters for my Succulent collection. I grow a lot of Pachypodiums and Adeniums. I made a lot of thrown planters out of a Moon White clay and I also made a group of Altered planters out of Orange Stone where I threw the body and added a bottom and feet and I drill a bunch of holes for drainage. I might even share a few of the pots with my friend Stan from Old Man Cactus.com
Im going to get up early and start the kiln, its the Old Alpine .
It was a little chilly for spraying out side . One of these days I will hook up a spray booth in side.

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  1. A little chilly huh!? Ha. I think the booth is a great idea. May he up there next week.