Friday, December 10, 2010

Happening soon

Loaded the Old Alpine and fired Wednesday. Im planning on opening the kiln Saturday at 12 PM for my annual kiln opening. Its always a surprise for me and the people that are here. I have lots of mugs ,bowls and soup mugs and also 4 Piggy Banks. I dont make to many of them but I like them. Talking about the pigs I uncorked my Savings Pig where I put in quarters and got $350 ,YAY..

Also I made some more of my Lizard or Gator cone packs. I actually sell them for $10 each. I had made them for a while and I put them on top of the kiln after the firing. I have people come buy to check out the pottery and I sold 6 cone packs all in a week. It was a run .

We have have cleaned up the shop and getting ready for the kiln opening and Holiday Sale tomorrow .

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