Friday, July 22, 2011

New Pots fresh out of the kiln

Finally Ive fired my trusty Alpine. I have been making pots and just stacking them up waiting for the urge to glaze. After working on two old tractors , planting corn and okra in the big garden and repotting lots of my Cacti and succulents I glazed a load of pots. I have 3 big Bonsai pots that came out of the kiln and lots of platters and bowls. I also had made a bunch of mugs and 2 sizes of glasses and a couple of Bourbon bowls. I used Purple Haze on the cups and bowls and af course my 50/50 ash glaze. I used a lot of Val Cushings Tomatoe Red . I really like that glaze and its good in my kiln. I want to do a test with Baileys Red next firing next week. I amd gearing up to deliver pots to Perspectives in Watkinsville Ga. The show is 50 Georgia Potters