Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Face Pots

I just finished 6 pots for holding plants , they have no holes . Once in a while I will sit down and make some of these. It seems that this cold weather is good for some thing. When it warms up I will be busy outside doing yard stuff like making new planting beds and playing on my tractor.

I learned how to use and make press molds from David Dye when I was at the University of South Florida in 1972. We would work on planters together. I would throw and put handles on hanging baskets and David would come and put all kinds of crazy press molds on the baskets. We would Raku them so that they were black and we would plant them with strawberry plants. I wish I still had one of them. I have different things in my studio that I have made press molds from.

I had made 3 of these planters and we had them at the house, my wife put 2 of them in the gallery during our kiln opening and Holiday sale. Well we ended up selling them. I really make these for myself and my plants. I will most likely use a shino on them.
That is also a photo of Elvis Issenberg ,nothing but a hound dog

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  1. I remember some of those pots that David made. I thought they were incredible at the time. I wonder what he is up to. It's been 40 years. John