Tuesday, January 11, 2011

4 X wheeling in the snow

Just finished back blading my property so that I can walk up to the Pottery Shop. I knocked down 6" of snow to 1" of snow. Now its easier to walk to the green house and back and forth to the Shop. I have a wood stove in a green house and the shop that Im keeping running. I let the wood stove in the house be cool for the day. So I have 3 woods stoves and wood eating kiln. OH My!

Started doing slab platters yesterday . Made 8 platters and hoping to put feet on them today. I thought I should use the slab roller now before it gets covered up with stuff. I uncovered it for the Kiln Opening and Pottery Sale.


  1. Looks like fun for about five minutes to an hour, then it sounds like work just to feed the fires. Shut it all down and come sit on the porch. The wood ducks are back in full force and have had bunches of Cormorants visit. Great Blue Herons of course. Had a bunch of vultures the other day. We found a dead Gar. I am hoping for storks soon.
    Ok, did it work? Are you booking your flight?
    Love ya!