Thursday, January 13, 2011

slab platters

So besides just trying to stay warm and hauling wood around to all the wood stoves Ive been making slab platters.I mostly start a new clay cycle doing hand built pottery before I get in the swing of making thrown work. I am really lucky to have a great 4X drive tractor to keep my walkways open .

I have been using up all the forms in my shop for making my slab platters. I have some really nice big woks and small woks and other forms that I have collected over the years. I have them hanging in the shop on hooks when Im not using them. I was able to buy the big woks at a used restaurant supply house. They sell used stuff. My woks had at least 4 inches of grease built up on them. I had them sand blasted and painted . The problem with the slab stuff is they really take lots of space. Im going to have to start throwing shortly and want to make a group of altered pots like the ones that I will be demonstrating at the Alabama Clay Conference. I will be throwing in the Potters Council Booth

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  1. Nice slab platters Mark. Will they be fired in the manabigama?