Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Ash Glazed pots

Unloaded today in the rain. Had a nice 131/2 hr firing. Lots of pots for the Chattanooga Food Bank Hullabaloo Empty Bowls that will be this Saturday Night. Should be lots of good food and lots of fun making more bowls .

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Firing for Hullabaloo

Im firing today, Sunday and a lot of the pots are for the Chattanooga Food Bank . Hullabaloo is this Saturday Night. They have great food from all the good places to eat in Chattanooga. Also evreyone can make a bowl. Lolly Durant makes a lot of slabs then the slabs are draped over ballons and evreyone can decorate using stamps the Lolly made.
Also in the firing are some platters and food servers that Sinclair Ashly made that never got glaze fired. His family had donated them to the Food Bank for the Empty Bowls.
I glazed them and are in the kiln now. Lolly will come here Wed at noon to help unload and price the work that Sinclair made.
So I will be having a Kiln Opening at Noon Wed.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kiln Opening

We made it through the Kiln Opening and Sale last weekend. It went great. The weather was perfect. Lots of people showed up and the kiln was still warm Saturday at Noon. We sold most everything that was in the kiln. I also sold lots of pots in the Lookout Mountain Pottery Gallery. I have been making face jugs and a bunch of them left here for a new home. Some get filled with whisky. I wish I could make and sell Moonshine and fill my jugs. Here are a couple of the pots that were in the kiln load.

Friday, December 16, 2011

New Clay

I had bought a 100 lb bag of Lizella a while ago and finally decided to use it. I mixed it up with Fire Clay and added a dash of Feldspar. I made 3 different batches . I like the 50/50 the best for color. I fired it to cone 10 reduction in my good old Alpine . I made some mugs and I also made some small jugs and some Face Jugs . I really like the colors of my glazes on the clay. I glazed on small jug with Shark Skin Shino and ii is yummy. I have also used the Shark Skin Shino in the wood kiln and it was amazing .
I fired my Gas kiln Wednesday and am having a Kiln Opening at 12 Noon Tomorrow . It will be still warm. I also used a bunch of different glazes on the new work. I have no idea how it will be. The kiln was packed. It took 16 hrs to fire. The cones were even top & bottom.
December 17 & 18 from 10 to 4 with Kiln Opening ,Pottery Sale with friends

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ash Glazed pots

I have fired the trusty Alpine twice this week , I made some face jugs and they just crack me up. I guess Im now a whisky face jug maker. I also had other pots in the kiln . I had made some Basket vases and also some of my slab platters where in both firings. I just really enjoy firing the Alpine. Its sort of easy to fire, get to reduction and sit back and let the kiln fire . When the kiln gets to cone 10 on the top I back off for a 1/2 hour and the firing is done.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Making Lots of New Work

I have been making pots and firing kilns. I glazed Friday and fired the Alpine Kiln Saturday and I have a bisque kiln going now. Im going to unload and load and fire to have new work for Praters Mill show October 8 & 9 next weekend.
I have started making some whisky jugs and I have eight that are in the kiln now. I actually started to make face jugs. I think my face jugs are different than the face jugs I have seen. I am going to use my ash glaze on them.

Friday, August 5, 2011

New pots from the Plum Nelly Manabigama

We fired Tuesday and that made it extra hot , We fired in about 12 hours. I started using small wood and a propane burner at 4 AM and we had the kiln finished about 4 PM . We got cone 10 in the back and and cone 12 was flattened in the front.