Sunday, January 8, 2012

Firing for Hullabaloo

Im firing today, Sunday and a lot of the pots are for the Chattanooga Food Bank . Hullabaloo is this Saturday Night. They have great food from all the good places to eat in Chattanooga. Also evreyone can make a bowl. Lolly Durant makes a lot of slabs then the slabs are draped over ballons and evreyone can decorate using stamps the Lolly made.
Also in the firing are some platters and food servers that Sinclair Ashly made that never got glaze fired. His family had donated them to the Food Bank for the Empty Bowls.
I glazed them and are in the kiln now. Lolly will come here Wed at noon to help unload and price the work that Sinclair made.
So I will be having a Kiln Opening at Noon Wed.

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