Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Whisky Cups

I threw a bunch of Whisky Cups using some Jack Troy Wood fired porcelin that I got from Standard. I wedged in some colored grog that Chris Campbell send me. Im hoping it will show up as colors when I fire it. Im going to Salt some of the cups and wood fire the rest.. I am using a Dirty Girls wire tool that I really enjoy using.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Making pots

Howdy all, its been a hot one, I finally quit working on cutting up fire wood. The rest will have to wait till it cools off. I have stacks of logs and rounds to turn into fire wood.I just started working with some Jack Troy wood fire Porcelin . I have 500 lbs of it and it has been sitting for a year or more.I am softening it up and it seems to throw OK. Im thinking about signing up for a wood fire at Hambidge with Rick Berman or I will just fire my Manabigama. I have lots of bisque pots and am firing a load right now. I might have enough to fire the Alpine about 3 times. I made some big planters and large platters and they eat up lots of space in the kiln. I have been throwing a lot of mugs and wine glasses to take up extra space. The clay for the Alpine is Wonder White. I really like my Ash Glaze on it.
Ive also been working on two old tractors. A Farmall 100 and a Avery V. They are money pits. Its like I still have a sail boat..
Also have growing all kinds of weird succulent plants. I have been pollinating the Pachypodiums and actually have been planting seeds of Pachypodium Brevicaule a really cutie

Thanks for reading