Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Critter Habitat

Nona and I worked on cutting up the old Oak that went down during the wind storm Wed. I make piles of brush and have been doing this for years in different spots through the property. I have been adding to old spots and its interesting that the old piles have been breaking down and needed to be replenished. Of course there is no way to do all this with out my Blue Tractor with the quick release forks and bucket.Also its 4x4.

We spent all day sawing and lopping limbs to be able to stack them on the tractor. I have piles of brush all around the property for Critter Habitat. Its a great place for birds and other wild life. We have about 15 acres and a lot of it is still wild. We have lost maybe 6 or 7 really nice trees from this storm. We are also going to buy some mushroom spores for inoculating logs to grow mushrooms. I do love the mushroom soup that Nona makes. Of course I will have lots of wood for firing the Plum Nelly Manabigama.

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