Sunday, March 20, 2011

Waiting now

We fired the Manabigama today. I started at 4 AM with small chunks of wood using a propane burner. Had the burner off by 4:15 AM.. What a great day to fire , the first day of Spring. We got cone 10 in the middle of the kiln around 2PM and we then pulled 2 passive bricks in the chimney and fired till 4 PM. We got cone 10 down in the back looking through the passive . I put a lot of cuttings from pine trees around the pots as we loaded. We used some really old hickory , some new hickory and some funky pine that had lots of Pine Beetles , That was one way of getting rid of Pine Beetles. All in All is was a great day to fire, Nona made some great food to feed the firing crew .Im planning on taking the embers out Wednesday and we are going to unload Saturday. Im hoping we will have some really nice pots that will be sitting in the Larkin Booth at NCECA in Tampa next week.

Also had a really good gas firing 2 days ago. Lots of nice ash glaze mugs and some Angel pots and a mess of baskets..

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