Thursday, March 24, 2011

wood haul

Getting wood for my wood kiln and 3 wood stoves is a interesting pastime. I mean I can cut trees that have been hit by lighting or wind damage on my property which I do. But that means hauling out the chain saw , useing the dremel tool to sharpen it , get some gas mixture cut the tree up, get the log splitter , spend the time doing the splitting then moving it and stacking it or find a place that I can get a truck load of hickory cut ready to use after some curing. I actually have 2 places , one makes pallets of popler , hickory and oak and the other place makes handles for logging tools like peavies and cant hooks. I also have a way that I throw the wood into crates that are 4x4x4 and haul them around with my tractor. I get a truck load for $20 and $25. Got another load today of the handle wood,,

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